Odyssey Validation Compliance: A Go-to Partner to Accelerate Compliance in the Cloud

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Oisín Curran, CEO, Odyssey Validation ComplianceOisín Curran, CEO
Life sciences organisations commonly operate as fragmented entities and have a huge amount of data to work with, which makes it difficult for them to maintain compliance. Further, as these highly regulated companies seek to implement digital transformation initiatives, compliance becomes a bigger hurdle for them. Odyssey Validation Consultants (Odyssey VC)—a provider of innovative products and services—helps both the start-ups and established companies in the life sciences space overcome these challenges with its GxP Cloud platform and systems lifecycle management. “We help start-ups and established organisations accelerate and maintain compliance in the cloud,” says Oisín Curran, CEO at Odyssey VC.

In Curran’s view, start-ups bring several ideas, software, products, and IoT devices for connected health, but face a barrier when it comes to selling them in the regulated industries such as life sciences. Odyssey VC makes it possible for them by accelerating product development processes and breaking the barrier to entry to the life sciences market. Not just that, the company allows its clients to maintain compliance at all times, whether or not their products evolve in the long run. “Compliance is not just a tick box exercise, it’s a continuous demonstration of compliance and quality,” adds Curran.

Odyssey VC’s GxP cloud platform assists life sciences companies in breaking the legacy IT cycle and achieving the most critical outcomes such as streamlined business processes, innovation, and speed to market, while managing costs, improving data security, and maintaining compliance.

Odyssey VC remains the only company that provides a self-service portal for start-ups and established organisations to request and consume compliant infrastructure as a service

The company offers compliant infrastructure as a hosting service to businesses of all sizes fulfilling their hosting as well as compliance-related needs. At present, Odyssey VC remains the only company in the world that provides a self-service portal for start-ups and established organisations to request and consume compliant infrastructure as a service. With these capable solutions, the company fulfils its customers’ basic needs around project management, project delivery, and cost control.

Odyssey VC delivers complete life cycle management services to businesses, starting from project documentation, management, validation, and delivery that enable businesses to maintain compliance across all segments of businesses and not just manufacturing. The firm’s extensive computerised system validation experience ensures audit-ready systems for clients, allowing them to focus on other critical business needs.

Over the years, Odyssey VC has helped a multitude of companies to accelerate the workflows and maintain compliance. One of these is a Fortune 500 life sciences company that wanted to implement paperless operations. The client managed 80 percent of activities in their manufacturing plant on paper and sought Odyssey VC’s support to implement a lightweight cloud-based solution that could help them digitise their operations. The Odyssey VC team offered the client a SaaS-based, easy to deploy solution, which was complaint, qualified, and validated in the cloud. The solution was scalable across their entire global network of 62 manufacturers and was implemented in a fraction of the time as compared to the time taken by the traditional providers. The Odyssey VC team also provided data integrity solutions as part of its solution to the client.

Having assisted several businesses with their compliance and digitisation-related needs, Odyssey VC is today at the forefront of decoding how the regulatory framework is interpreted. The delivery of these next-generation services in the cloud remains a unique selling point for the company.

Odyssey VC is currently embarking on its journey to provide a compliant application store, where different organisations can host applications. In addition to helping companies deliver their products quickly into the market place, Odyssey VC makes digital transformation possible for its customers, allowing them to be future-proof, compliant, and audit-ready.
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Odyssey Validation Compliance

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Oisín Curran, CEO

Odyssey VC offers integrated GxP Cloud and computerised system lifecycle management services to life science companies that operate in highly regulated environments. The company’s expertise in implementation and validation of client’s existing systems helps to ease the workload of project managers, validation managers, and automation managers. Odyssey’s set of innovative business processes deliver class leading GxP cloud along with consultancy services to help clients migrate to the cloud in a compliant fashion. Odyssey has proven track record in delivering cloud based GxP applications that provide customers with full data integrity assurance, audit trails & auditable security & access controls