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Catalin Popa, CEO, adaptive.runCatalin Popa, CEO
Many enterprises are still quite cautious about cloud computing. Some industries are not yet ready to adopt the cloud as they have unresolved insecurities regarding cloud technologies. Moreover, most IT experts do not broadly understand cloud. All of the fears come from lack of quintessential knowledge. “To address these insecurities, we, here at, are trying to initiate companies into this cloud journey by explaining cloud concepts”, begins Catalin Popa, CEO of The company provides a full range of services and solutions designed to address crucial cloud scenarios and helps organizations realize the true value of cloud in today’s fast-changing tech space.

Back in 2017, when was initially founded, there were not that many companies who could efficiently deliver a project focused on Azure technologies. The founders of worked at Microsoft and had a pretty good overview and expertise on the business of cloud. “We decided to establish a company with strong cloud capabilities and offer a team that can deliver any cloud project, no matter the size or complexity”, states Popa.

The company’s team of experts are top cloud engineers and provide the best possible expertise for cloud-related subjects. Being a recognized Microsoft Gold Partner validates’s cloud capabilities and it is a clear indicator and a “vouch” from Microsoft that is one of the top players when it comes to cloud platform capabilities. The firm has team members that have received individual awards from Microsoft: for example, two adaptive. run architects are recognized as MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals) regarding Azure technologies. “Only about 500 people around the world hold this title. It is yet another validation that the thing we value the most, quality, really exists at”, adds Popa.

Through their “Cloud Solutions Architecting as a Service” offering, the firm offers its cloud expertise at any given point, no matter what stage a migration, implementation, or development project is in. With its long experience in managing and operating Azure for years, also provides managed services to help maintain and continuously improve cloud environments, so that companies don’t have to invest in valuable IT resources and, instead, focus on their core businesses.

We offered something that the market yet not had: a team that can deliver any cloud project, no matter the size or complexity

“We also deliver predefined or custom training on cloud subjects that help boost cloud knowledge”, states Popa. All experts are MCTs (Microsoft Certified Trainers), making them eligible to deliver official Microsoft-approved trainings. Technical validation is also important – and through their “Cloud Assessment” service, adaptive. run audits cloud environments and checks for governance, design principles, security, optimization, scalability, cost-effectiveness and resiliency to ensure a smooth run. also has its own set of in-house developed solutions. After assessing business needs from their customers, the firm listed up a set of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which cover cognitive-interaction scenarios. lists 6 such solutions:

- adaptive.extractor: with this solution, text can be extracted automatically from structured documents or from images/ videos and integrated into other applications/solutions;

- boosts content discoverability and transforms media in searchable text;

- adaptive.speech: converts text-to-speech and speech-to-text in real-time;

- adaptive.text-analytics: detects the sentiment of a document or entitities that are specified;

- adaptive.QnA-bot: AI-driven QnA Bot that can answer all of answer to first line of support questions;

- adaptive.content: checks text, image, and video content for material that is potentially offensive, risky, or otherwise undesirable. has an extensive portfolio of international projects for big enterprise companies, along with top-notch experts that are internationally recognized as some of the best in their field. For instance, a financial institution wanted to redesign one of its products to be entirely focused on PaaS services in the cloud. Making the change from the traditional IT architecture based on servers/virtual machines to PaaS focused services requires redesign and re-factorization, as some principles differ on the platform side of the cloud. With’s help, they were able to overcome these challenges and they now have a cloud-based product that can be deployed seamlessly in just a couple of hours in an automatic manner.’s solutions also play an important role in the digital transformation journey. For example, one major car-rental company uses adaptive.extractor to select data in an automated way from documents, such as invoices and passports, to boost process agility and minimize human-error input.

Forging ahead, is currently aiming to expand in the Middle East since the region is known for adopting new cutting-edge technology faster than anywhere else. As per technology advancements, the company is always on the look-out for new features that the cloud can offer and integrates them into its solutions. “We always keep track of any breakthroughs in the market since we have a reputation to maintain”, concludes Popa.

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Catalin Popa, CEO

Description helps organizations realize digital transformation to achieve business results by providing solutions and services on any cloud project. Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation in its solutions, the company's mission is to empower companies to grow and thrive, regardless of their cloud need